Good day everyone and happy new year. This is our first post for the new year and we hope that this year will be a year of opportunities and growth for everyone!

We are starting off this year with some experiments of our own to test some theories of our Freedom Wave system. With the help of some close acquaintances and volunteers, we will start testing special sound waves and music that should in theory have a positive effect on a person’s mood and state of mind, even if it is just a minor effect. It might or might not work for everyone the same and different sounds and music will have different effects on different people. We will start with a unique recipe of sounds, including sounds of the ocean and a beach mixed together with a few other sounds and music. We will report the results once we have something to report, but it should be somewhere in the beginning of February if all goes as planned.

If we get positive results, then we might post a sample of the sound file here on Facebook as well.

Thanks for everyone’s support and have a great day and an even better year.

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  1. We have results back from some of our audio tests and they were positive. We have a 100% success rate with the feedback we have received when testing the audio on some volunteers, claiming it created a very calming effect after only 13 minutes average. We still have quite a few tests to run to get a bigger picture and a better understanding of the effects on people. Once the last results come in, we will give you proper feedback and data.

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